Wiener Werkstaette 1903 - 1928

WW 1903-1928

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Modern Arts and Crafts and Its Way - Kristall - Verlag /Vienna/1929 - Reprint 1994, Ketterer Kunstverlag, Munich - Afterword written by Graham Dry. Festschrift in English and German. The book was designed according to Josef Hoffmann. Texts by Franz Cizek, A. S. Levetus and Le Corbusier. Two-tone cover in orange and black designed by Vally Wieselthier and Gudrun Baudisch;  72 unnumbered bound pages with numerous partially coloured illustrations. Very good condition - unused . New edition after the original edition of -The Krystall Verlag, Vienna 1929. Captions in three languages : German - English - French. Weight in grams: 818g OLeinen with o-protection cover and cardboard drawer, 23 x 21.8 cm.

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